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We make it easy to create meaningful insight from text data.

Text Ferret is a software tool that uses AI technology to ferret through raw text, spot patterns and serve up clear, useful insights to help you make better business decisions.

Text Ferret takes otherwise worthless raw text, and turns it into a valuable asset. It’s a powerful tool for modelling, profiling, data comparison or any analysis task you can imagine.

Pairing structured (quantitative) data with Text Ferret information will give you the ultimate accurate and complete view. You’ll be able to produce both descriptive and predictive models to recognise trends, spot opportunities and act confidently

Text Ferret will also save you money and resources by automating the time-consuming task of interpreting electronic text.

Text Ferret saves money and resources by automating the time-consuming task of interpreting electronic text.


Meaningful Insight

Meaningful Insight

Text Ferret is a software application that makes it easy to find meaningful insight from free text data by neatly structuring the text data so it can be used in advanced analysis.

Easily Classify and Analyse

Easily Classify and Analyse

Text Ferret enables organisations to easily classify and analyse text data, either in the form of documents or as strings of text. This proprietary toolset is capable of running as an independent application or as a fully compatible application within a SAS operating environment.

How Does Text Ferret Do That?

Text Ferret uses the latest AI technologies, including machine learning and Natural Language Processing, to extract meaning from any open text data source.

We then convert the Text Ferret’s findings into an easy-to-use summary, with beautifully designed graphic representations of the key relationships in the data.

 Here’s an example:

In this example, Text Ferret was used to forage through open text data in a customer satisfaction survey.  It uncovered the the key dimensions of sales agent Over Confidence and Professionalism. 
Text Ferret plotted each agent on these two dimensions making it possible to graphically depict how customers were perceiving each of the organisation’s sales agents.
These insights helped the organisation to identify the customer’s perspective on each agent and using this information it was possible to develop a customised training programme for each agent.

A simple, cost effective,
and versatile text analytics toolset – Text Ferret brings AI to the masses!

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Our Services

This proprietary toolset is capable of running as an independent application or as a fully compatible application within a SAS operating environment.

Text Ferret can be used to uncover key information from any text string data source.


Open text fields in customer surveys

Comments fields in customer applications

String fields in customer service requests

Online web logs

Customer emails

Social media feeds

Organisation documents


The Benefits of Using Text Ferret

Reduce decision-making time with
automated processes

By implementing intelligent algorithms and natural language processing techniques, time-consuming manual activities such as cluster identification or topic building can be generated automatically, and executed consistently and efficiently.

Enhance the discovery process with
subject-matter expertise

Through a unique, data-driven method of identifying key concepts, you can use interactive GUIs to modify relevance scores and guide machine learning results with human insight. Extend text-mining efforts beyond start and stop lists – and what the software automatically discovers – using custom entities and active learning.

Present a high-level view of data with transparent drill-down capability

Textferret offers a visual representation of the entire data mining process and allows users to drill to relevant details, illustrating and exploring the term connections. An interactive interface lets you investigate derived topics and fine-tune models.

Recognize trends and spot
business opportunities

Textferret structures text into numeric representations that can summarise the collection and become insightful inputs to a full range of predictive and data mining modelling techniques. You can better understand customer, service and product needs, and identify opportunities and when to exploit them.

Our customers

Text Ferret is currently used by a number of government and private sector organisations within New Zealand. It can be applied to any industry.

It is designed primarily for business analysts, modellers and data scientists who review large volumes of text to extract common topics, ideas and trends.
For organisations with enormous data collections, it includes high-performance procedures for text mining, greatly reducing the time needed to produce results.

Text Ferret has demonstrated it is capable of delivering highly valuable results without the need to invest in expensive software or resources.


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Free Text Ferret Data Plot

Text Ferret offers a unique way of visualising the details contained in open text data – the ‘Text Ferret data plot’. To help you better understand what is in your open text data, we are offering a FREE Text Ferret data plot. Simply upload a file (Excel, txt, etc) which contains (1) an open text data field and (2) a categorical outcome field that classifies your dataset into groups that are of interest (this could be a satisfaction score, customer segment, location, etc).

We will run your file through Text Ferret and send you back your very own Text Ferret data plot.




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